Heather Morales Designs

A jewelry artists gets a custom website to highlight their jewelry & art.

Tailored Web Design for an Artisan Jewelry Craftsman

Heather Morales Designs
Industry: Jewelry

The Heather Morales Design website introduces a sleek design with a focus on her handcrafted jewelry and unique art pieces, including drawings and graphics. This update enhances user engagement and showcases her artistic range.

Services Provided:

  • Brand Messaging

  • Content Creation & Strategy

  • Identity Creation

  • Managed Services

  • UI (User Interface)

  • UX (User Experience)

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heather morales designs website screenshot

UX (User Experience)

The revised wireframe for Heather's home, gallery, and blog pages showcases her portfolio and insights efficiently. It's designed to enhance user engagement and satisfaction, emphasizing Heather's commitment to excellence. This simple approach effectively balances visual appeal with functionality, offering a seamless user experience.

home page wirefram heather morales designs
Home Page Wireframe
Gallery Page Wireframe
blog wireframe heather morales designs
Blog Page Wireframe

UI (User Interface)

The UI for Heather Morales Designs blends simplicity and functionality, highlighting her portfolio with a minimalist aesthetic. Offering a fast, user-friendly experience, it showcases Heather's talent and underscores the brand's quality commitment through elegant design principles.

heathermorales home page desgin
Home Page Design
heathermorales gallery page design
Gallery Page Design
heathermorales blog page design
Blog Page Design