Maximizing Trust Through Accurate Holiday Hours for Your Business

Alex Morales - March 24, 2024

Wondering if updating your business's holiday hours is worth the effort? The unequivocal answer is a resounding yes! The accuracy of holiday hours plays a crucial role in fostering trust with your customers and maintaining a strong relationship with Google. Let’s delve into why setting your holiday hours is not just important, but essential for your business. Imagine a holiday is approaching, and you're contemplating whether to adjust your business hours for the occasion. Whether it's to grant your team some well-deserved family time or anticipating a quieter day, setting your holiday hours online is crucial. Especially on platforms like Google, where special notices help inform your customers correctly.

Why Correct Holiday Hours Matter?

Incorrect business hours leading up to holidays can create a rift between you and your customers. Statistics reveal that 44% of customers have faced the inconvenience of visiting a business, only to find it closed due to inaccurate hours listed online. This misstep can significantly dent your business’s credibility.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Accurate holiday hours are pivotal for a seamless customer experience. Research indicates that 73% of people are less likely to revisit a business that was unexpectedly closed despite online listings indicating it was open. Google’s specialized holiday messages, such as “Holiday Hours” or alerts about potential hour changes due to upcoming holidays, help clarify any confusion for your customers, thereby solidifying their trust in your business.

Building Confidence with Google

By specifying your holiday hours, you not only cater to your customers’ needs but also bolster Google’s trust in your business. This additional data point confirms your active engagement and aids Google in confidently promoting your business in search results. And as most businesses strive for those top search result spots, keeping your hours updated is a simple yet effective strategy to stay in Google’s good graces.

Concluding Insights

Maintaining up-to-date operating hours during the holiday season is a straightforward strategy to uphold your business’s trustworthiness. When both your customers and Google have access to the most current information, it creates a win-win situation.

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